Is it okay for me to just show up at the meeting, uninvited?

Absolutely! Please feel free to come and visit. There is no charge. We truly believe you will realize what a great group people are members and want to become a member. Just fill out this form and bring it to the meeting.

How can business networking groups help my business?

Being affiliated with a close knit networking group allows for continuous relationships building opportunities which result in genuine business referrals.

What are membership dues and fees?

Pay a $100, one time application fee upon joining and $150 annually for dues.

What differentiates CRPN from other business networking groups?

CRPN is run and managed by the membership. We are not a franchise nor owned by a corporate entity. The membership decides all matters at the local level to support our members and their businesses. We look out for our members.

When does CRPN meet?

We meet at the Giant in Camp Hill at the corner of Market St and Route 15 every other Thursday at 8am till 9am. The community meeting rooms on the second floor are a great, clean and professional setting.

How do I apply for membership to CRPN?

It’s simple! Download our application and our membership team will contact you shortly. Or you can tag along to one of our biweekly meetings and apply in person

What is the CRPN meeting format?

It is a typical meeting format. You get to give a 30 second introduction of yourself and your company. You get to hear about other member’s businesses. Most importantly, you get to meet many other owners and employees that can help you grow your business.