General Guidelines and Rules

  • CRPN only allows one representative per trade within the group.
  • CRPN will meet every other week on Thursday from 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.
  • CRPN has a two-part fiscal and physical year (January – June and July – December).
  • CRPN members will pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of $100 upon joining (to be submitted with application for membership).
  • CRPN meeting/ membership dues are $150 per year, due between January 1 and January 31, and are non-refundable. Dues will be pro-rated (quarterly) based on date joining CRPN.
  • CRPN will elect one President and one Treasurer per calendar year.
  • CRPN allows members three absences in each of the two-parts of the physical year.
  • CRPN will allow the member to send three substitutes per 6 months.
  • CRPN members will have full access to the Business Card Box. Visitors may take cards from the Box but will not be allowed to place cards in the Box until they submit an application for membership and the application is approved.
  • CPRN will provide all active members access to the “member only” section on the CRPN website as long as dues are paid in full.
  • CRPN requires members to pass a minimum of two referrals per month.
  • CRPN members will pass referrals physically to the recipient, verbally giving a short description of the referral.
  • CRPN expects members to give a testimonial about another member or the group in the event they do not have a referral to pass.
  • Visitors are allowed to attend up to two CRPN meetings.
  • All business transactions, contracts, and agreements entered into between members of CRPN are strictly the concerns of such members. CRPN has no financial, fiduciary, or contractual responsibility or duty in any way to either of such members.

Member Attendance Policy

  • CRPN allows 3 absences in each of the 2 parts of the physical year*
  • CRPN allows members to send substitutes 3 times in each of the 2 parts of the physical year*
  • *physical year = January – June / July – December
  • 3rd Absence – Formal written letter reminding member of attendance policy.
  • 4th Absence – Member will receive a call from CRPN President reminding member of attendance policy.
  • 5th Absence – Leadership team will review member and provide dismissal letter where applicable.